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Dog Boarding Services and Prices

Going away can be a real mind-bender, huh? We've got your back, my friend. No interviews, no red tape. Your pooch walks right in, no questions asked.

See, we're like a well-oiled machine. Any issue that comes our way, consider it handled. We've got the skills, the know-how, and the determination to ensure your vacation is pure bliss while your furry companion roams in a world of safety and endless amusement.

Oh, and here's the cherry on top. We're the masters of social media. Each day, we serve up a piping-hot plate of doggy adventures. Just follow us and you'll get a front-row seat to your pup's wild antics, their canine escapades captured in pixels and shared with the world.

So, my friends, shed your worries like a discarded leash. Your dog's happiness is our utmost priority. Let the adventure begin!

Standard Prices
One Dog
$60 off-peak | $70 on-peak
Two Dogs
$100 off-peak | $110 on-peak
Three Dogs
$135 off-peak | $150 on-peak
Three + Dogs
Please contact directly
Extended Stay Discounts
14-29 nights
10% off
30+ nights
14% off
You can view your estimated total on our Kennel Booker app
Total price does not including sales tax
Unaltered 8+ months
$5 extra per night
On Peak Dates
New Years eve
New Years Day
Memorial Day Weekend | Friday -Monday
July 4th
Labor Day Weekend | Friday - Monday
Thanksgiving Eve | Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve | Christmas Day
All boardings include

A behavior evaluation
Socialization and playtime
Pictures & videos daily on Instagram
A home environment
Kongs, bones, toys etc. provided
Bedding, bowls, etc. provided
7+ day stays get a hike and/or lake trip (weather permitting)

Pick-up and drop-off

At this time, we only doing pick-up in Queens County at Little Bay Dog Park.
Monday| Friday
9:45AM for drop-off and 10AM for pick-up

We  ask that clients do not feed their dogs’ the morning of pick up to help decrease any car sickness.

Times are subject to change due to weather or traffic conditions and we will update clients via the Kennel Booker app and a Whats App Status if there are any major changes. 

Read our FAQs

You can find detailed information about our policies and practices in our FAQ section

Read our FAQs
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If you still have any question or concerns, please reach out!