General FAQ

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For your dogs stay

We're excited to have your dog stay with us, so let's get the technical stuff out of the way.

We ask that your dog is healthy (meaning no kennel cough etc.), is free of ticks and fleas, and has all required vaccinations up to date. Your dog must also have up-to-date tick prevention. Topical treatments, such as Frontline, are not allowed. You can learn why we do not allow topical treatments in the following FAQ item.

Your dog should also have proper identification tags on their collar. We also recommend having Air Tags. We do not provide food for your dog's stay, and we encourage clients to send the food ahead of time to our location listed in the kennel booker at their convenience. Beyond food, we provide all the bedding, crates, toys, and treats for your dog's stay.

Tick prevention information

Ticks are an issue everywhere, especially during warmer months. To keep your dog safe, we highly recommend using treatments such as Nexgard or a Seresto collar. Nexgard or similar products are best for very social and playful dogs since a Seresto collar can become loose during playtime. If your dog has gastrointestinal issues, we recommend Seresto collars as an alternative.

We do NOT allow Frontline or any other topical treatment or collar as an alternative because they are ineffective at protecting your dog. We also strongly advise contacting your vet for their recommendations for your dog's needs.

You can find a link to Sorestro collars on our preferred products page.

What are your business hours?

Monday to Friday: 7:30AM to 6:30PM

Saturday : 9AM to 3PM

Sunday: CLOSED

What should I expect from boarding with you?

Boarding with us will include an evaluation of your dog to determine which activity is best for their mental and physical stimulation. Some dogs love to play and socialize, while others prefer some solo fetch time, or hiking and swimming.

We also keep in mind your dogs’ age, health issues, behavior concerns and training background. For example, we would encourage young pups to socialize as much as possible. While dogs with some behavior issues would do best on a leash hike with other dogs in order to bond with a pack in a controlled manner. Senior dogs that are active may do best swimming or taking easy walks that are less impactful on their joints.

Most other dog boarding facilities do not provide the personal understanding and care that your dog needs since they typically run a cookie cutter approach to their business. 

What is the difference between boarding with Into the Pack and other facilities?

At Into the Pack we do not discriminate against any breeds or behavioral issues. We also take dogs that are not yet neutered/spayed. Many boarding facilities only take the “easy dogs” since this is the best way to bring in cash flow.

While the majority of dogs that come to us are well behaved and social, we do take the misfit dogs as well and work with them to socialize or provide a space with a handler for solo time and exercise. Even the “crazy dogs” deserve love too. 

Where can I get my dog spayed or neutered if I wanted to?

For information on low cost spay and neuter services we recommend Friends of Animals which can be reached here

What to expect when your dog returns home:

Dogs will typically be exhausted from hours of playtime and mental stimulation. When they get home, let them have a potty break, unwind, and relax. Provide some fresh water but do not let them overdrink, as this can lead to stomach cramping or bloat. Please wait an hour or more to feed your dog as well. Most dogs go home and have no issues, but you can follow these precautions as an extra safety measure

How is the hiking experience for my dog?

Hiking for dogs is the ultimate adventure. Dogs love to explore and enjoy the physical and mental stimulation of a hike. We typically use a local trail with two lakes for swimming and some uphill climbs for rigorous exercise. We also bring a travel first aid kit and water to keep your dogs hydrated and safe. Dogs remain leashed with either a 6-foot or 20-foot leash for their safety. Some dogs are able to be off-leash if approved by the client

Can I visit your location?

Yes. You can schedule a visit by emailing us at requesting a visit and we can coordinate a day and time during open business hours.

Do you have pick up and drop off service?

For Queens clients, pick-up and drop-off service is included at Little Bay Dog Park

Monday| Friday
9:45AM for drop-off and 10AM for pick-up

We are not available every Wednesday for pick up and drop off service. Dates where Wednesday service is and isn't available will be marked in Kennel Booker.

We ask that clients do not feed their dogs’ the morning of pick up to help decrease any car sickness.

Times are subject to change due to weather or traffic conditions and we will update clients via the Kennel Booker app and a Whats App Status if there are any major changes. 

What do you do if the weather becomes too hot/cold/rainy etc?

All activities are subject to change due to weather. Extremely hot days in particular make it difficult for dogs to safely play during midday hours. While we love to have the dogs enjoy the outdoors, sometimes the weather or climate change events can make this nearly impossible.

As an alternative we are able to have the dogs play indoors in a climate controlled, air purified environment until it is safe for them to be outside again. We also provide kongs with treats or peanut butter as a source of mental stimulation during rest time.

Are you insured?

Yes. Kennel Pro insurance.

How can I check in to see how my dog is doing?

We highly recommend using Instagram or TikTok to keep up with your dogs stay with us. We provide stories daily and will tag you to ensure you can see what your pup is up to. This is the best method for clients to see what their dog is doing that day.

Do you take dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression?

Yes. We take dogs that have behavior issues on a case by case basis. Human aggression issues are handled only by Ashley so this is why it is a case by case basis since there will be only one handler for an aggressive dog.

Any dog with aggression issues towards other dogs will have solo playtime with a handler in a separate fenced area. And any pack walks done with an aggressive dog will have Ashley present to monitor their behavior. 

Do dogs play rough or get injured?

Please keep in mind when dogs play, they are literally using their teeth and nails as part of wrestling and running around. Dogs can at times have scratches on them after playing or hiking. If there are any scratches or cuts we have concerns about we will always tell you. Otherwise, it is like kids at the playground, they have fun but they get cuts and bruises along the way sometimes.

As for any other injuries, please let us know if your dog has been recently limping or having any physical issues we should be aware of in order to not let them over do playtime or take a more relaxed approach for their stay.

What happens if my dog is injured or sick?

All of the dogs' safety is our number one priority. We are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and can respond quickly in the event of an injury. We will assess the situation and determine the best course of action based on your dog's symptoms. For example, dogs can sometimes have a limp after running or hiking and simply need more rest time. For any other serious illness or injuries, we will take your dog to our personal vet or rush them to the closest emergency vet. We will contact you as soon as possible with updates and plan accordingly with you and a veterinarian.

What if my dog has a medical issue?

We will administer any oral medications, eye or ear drops, and injections when necessary. For any dogs with medications requiring injections, you must plan according to Ashley's schedule, as she will be the only person administering injections according to your and your vet's instructions.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated to board or attend daycare?

Yes. We ask that all dogs be up to date with their Bordetella, DA2PP, Rabies, and Leptospirosis vaccines. If your dog cannot be vaccinated due to existing medical conditions, please contact us.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all major credit cards via Stripe through the Kennel Booker app and we also accept cash, Zelle, and Venmo, When you sign up to book a stay or for day care, you will be prompted to enter in payment information.

When am I expected to pay?

At the time of drop off 50% of the total stay must be paid. The remaining balance is due at the end of their stay.

What is Kennel Booker?

Kennel Booker is the reservation management system we use. The app allows you to create an account where you can sign any necessary waivers, book services, pay invoices, and make a profile for your pup so we always have updated information.

How do I register with Kennel Booker?

To register go to

While registering you are required to enter your name, email, phone, address, an emergency contact you authorize us to use, and vet information. Next, you will be asked to enter your pets information. Please include any relevant information you think we should have.

Before booking, you are required to enter expiration dates for your pets vaccines. We also ask that you upload proof of vaccination using the 'upload' feature in your account. Please do not email or text us vaccination information.

Information in Kennel Booker can be updated by you at any time.

I'm having a difficult time creating or signing into my Kennel Booker account.

Please email and we will answer any questions you have about the software.

Still have questions?